Technical information

Below some technical specifications of our products:

the products offered are made of CorTen steel and aluminum with different thicknesses depending on the objects: 1 / 1.5 / 2mm. On request we use other thicknesses and materials, 304/316 stainless steel, iron, brass and more...please enquire.
CorTen is a steel, widely used in engineering structures and thanks to its structural and aesthetic quality it has seen steadily increased its inclusion in architectural projects, interventions in the landscape and product design. We suggest it for its intense look and material purity, unique to each piece produced. It develops a self-protective patina surface oxidation, the color of which varies with the passage of time. Brown-orange stabilizes, exhausting the oxidation period, with a more dark brown leather color, when exposed to rain and moisture.
corten iron non oxidized  corten iron semi oxidized  corten iron completely oxidized
Warning: Especially outdoors, the products are initially covered in a layer of rust which has yet to stabilize and that can involve the underlying surface, led by drops of water. The effect will end after a few weeks/months (depending on the speed of rust formation). In this first phase it is to also avoid contact with the tissues.
Products are shipped with a natural beginning of oxidation, the material is not treated with acids. On request the surface can be brought to a more advanced state of oxidation and subjected to specific treatment depending on the end use or the effect sought.
Aluminum has the ideal characteristics for the products we make: the very low weight of the material; the excellent weather resistance; the total absence of rust production. The type of aluminum used is the Peraluman, offering excellent corrosion resistance, even in marine environment, and excellent ductility.
The proposed products are powder coated in different RAL scale colors:
Pure White-RAL 9010; Flame Red-RAL 3000; Pastel Turquoise-RAL 6027; Rape Yellow-RAL 1021; Pebble Gray-RAL 7032; Anthracite Grey-RAL 7016
Pure White RAL 9010  Flame Red RAL 3000  pastel turquoise RAL 6027  Rape Yellow RAL 1021  Pebble Grey RAL 7032  Anthracite Grey RAL 7016
Powder coated aluminum can be washed with water and detergents, not acid or abrasive. All the aluminum preforated screens are matte finished. All the aluminum Home Decor objects are glossy finished. Paints used are AkzoNobel.

Measures of the panels:
Our panels are offered in two basic measures, 100x80cm and 100x160cm, for installation on rails, balustrades or parapets, from ground level or for indoor projects, depending on the context.
We offer to-measure customized panels based on metal sheets with max. dimensions of 300x150cm (4+4cm bending to be subtracted).

Edges and bending of the panels:
All panels have a border that frames the design by 4cm. The panels with the 'open' top edge have the design that terminates in a more 'natural' way. All panels have a double perimeter stiffening by bending 4 + 4cm that can contain holes for fixing to poles and balustrades. Bends with different sizes and shapes for specific installations are available.
Edges and bending detail  Edges and bending detail

Design of the panels:
We offer a choice of 6 perforated designs: Bamboo / Fig / Lace / Quince / Schefflera / Stemona and 3 designs with a combined perforated and 3D composition: Monstera / Forest / Parrots. The panels with 3D effect are shipped with the flat surface: the protruding parts must be manually pushed or pulled out of the surface of the panel prior to installation. The scenic effect will be immediate and of easy execution.
It is possible to modify existing themes by adding new elements or thickening the design for greater visual coverage. We also develop themes and compositions for site specific projects.

All panels may have a backlight with warm light, high brightness LED outdoor strips, that are housed in the double bending space. For an effective result it is necessary to have a background that allows the refraction of light. We can provide additional sheets of CorTen or aluminum, painted in the required color, if there are no walls that act as a background.

Led strip 24V 3200K IP65 High Performance

Delivery and installation:
Worldwide shipping time in approx. 6 weeks from order confirmation with delivery at street level. Products are packed and shipped in wooden crates for adequate protection. When ready for shipping, we send out an email with the date of delivery. Any customs formalities, depending on destination, will have to be sorted out at destination by the clients appointed correspondent. We provide installation on request, please enquire.