About Us

Logical Space design - architecture and design studio

For the last 15 years, our work has been providing professional planning and project management in space and object design.

System 180 roof structure render project  System 180 roof steel structure installation

We are active in the design, production and installation of event structures, perform home refurbishments and distribute modular steel furniture.

System 180 modular steel structures  System 180 BAT outdoor event steel structure  System 180 BAT outdoor event steel structure

Terrace outdoor refurbishments  marble floor home refurbishments

Since ten years we have developed a line of laser cut metal screens suitable for terraces, decks and indoor projects.

Logical Space design corten screen installation  Logical Space design 3D aluminum balustrade installation  Logical Space design aluminum lasercut screens installation

Screens to create privacy, to invent beautiful landscapes or simply to screen the air-con. Designs are Nature inspired, themes are in constant development and customization is our passion.

Logical Space design studio drawings  Logical Space design sketches drawings

Production includes: metal perforated sun screenings, wall cladding, planters, screens for appliances, lamps, room dividers and railings.

All our products are designed and produced entirely in Italy. We deliver worldwide.

Our Team: 

roberta mossetto logical space design                                  
Roberta Mossetto                   David Righetti                       Claus Orso                           
Architect , Designer               Architect , Designer             Founder , General Manager