The studio

At Logical Space design we take inspiration from Nature's work and like to plan with its shapes and shadows. We cherish the feeling of an honest relation to its prime elements and pursue a peaceful effect on our clients. We design and produce laser cut aluminum screens, planters and pergolas...

...decorative and structural screens to create privacy, dream landscapes and space division, both for indoors and outdoors. Our biophilic designs evoke the memory of Nature and the sense of shelter it provides. 

Themes are in constant development and customization is our passion. Production includes: fountains, shading structures, sliding panels, cladding, wall decoration, planters, screens for air conditioning, lamps, room dividers and railings. We provide specific supply for the creation of therapeutic gardens.

All products are designed and manufactured in Italy. We deliver worldwide.


Roberta Mossetto - Architect, Designer        

Claus Orso - Founder, General Manager